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Lobster Two 4 minor Lian Jiang grades Fu Yi My elder sister had bought two lobster from garden marketplace a few days ago, give I, this may be glad to have spoiled me. My elder sister had bought two lobster from garden marketplace a few days ago, give I, this may be glad to have spoiled me. I have put in in a hurry them having been in keg lining , have poured a little water, this even if their dwelling place. This two lobster, is not glad as soon as arriving our home , needs to be lifting their big two pincers not very always? Lobster is all over all-red , the elephant is having a piece of red armour on. The long palpus of lobster , the reason arrive at roughly thin, most, the top is especially rude , one takes a look on that carefully, higher authority still has several perverse small woollen cloth! Their eye is very small, the same , high protuberance of eye, but being vigorous resembling crab! Also very much, their mouth small , is four pieces, their mouth surely will go up greatly if being going to arrest them. Their armour is very hard , touches an once having met stone one kind with regard to the elephant. Observe , touch an once if you are careful, be minor protuberance knot in the mind on just armour that can discover it, very for a short time very stiffly. Lobster's abdomen is being linked with its young tail , its abdomen elephant accordion bellow is the same , is a lesson's, that previous section deducts time a lesson, is can be adjustable , amusing. But the most amusing be its big two pincers, big pincers are once only slightly big , another is slightly small, if using corncob to go to touch it, it just is able to use big pincers to nip a corncob , stubbornly refuse to scatter "hand", elephant be with your tug of war woollen cloth! It still has six attaching a foot , attach a foot growing below the body , one attach a foot having a three knot, to bottom-end has a ramification to get along. Small lotus composition net lobster is be one kind of omnivory animal , what what to feed , not at all picky about food. They are only capable to do using big pincers to clamp the dish leaf , to grip the time as soon as piece attach fully big pincers moving "hand" simultaneously lacerate to slicing dish Ye Fang once within the barrel, the dish leaf as well as, to giving and then in. But, sometimes, they also may start fighting for one piece of dish leaf. I am that they have got first name , slightly big shouting "are scarlet shrimp " , slightly small shouting "shrimp clever and nimble". Two their ah, be really very childishness. See , a sheet of Western meal Ye Fang has received barrel lining , the scarlet shrimp has gripped a large sheet of leaf first , to go has left for the shrimp clever and nimble, the shrimp clever and nimble has been certainly dubious , it has raised big pincers, as if saying: "You always want ah a large-investment film why , I only want a large-investment film today"! It has gripped major part down thereupon on the leaf just from the large-investment film , has stayed in self here. The scarlet shrimp has not been happy, as if in saying: "I am big , food accommodates oneself to such that I am many, now is the jungle justice society ". It rushes to have returned to major part thereupon right away. The shrimp clever and nimble has got angry simply crazyly , has used its big pincers to have bumped against several time of scarlet shrimp, the scarlet shrimp has not been willing , one sweeps with the tail, have swept upside down shrimp clever and nimble. Small lotus composition has covered as with a net one fighting , has begun soon, this has just created well condition for me. "Audience friends: The program has begun "life interesting news " , has watched from having a wide knowledge of small room definition , inviting everybody Yan now. That the current scene broadcasts live is a scarlet shrimp big battle shrimp clever and nimble. Has both sides been ready? Why, why do not listen to my order! Have been to have got angry crazyly I see, fight have gone ahead first. Be that the scarlet shrimp uses big pincers to attack in a row first, this confesses being called `the prawn whirlwind fist', fight such that the shrimp mouth clever and nimble spits out a bleb. The shrimp clever and nimble gives counterattack then with `small shrimp chain of rings palm' , it fights to have been fond of the scarlet shrimp. But the scarlet shrimp has hated to show white feather , it has been put into use `fearing enemy iron tail autumn wind sweeping' go on to shrimp go at , three move in a row clever and nimble, will since the shrimp clever and nimble like flowers scattered in a flowing stream , fleeing in panic. Shrimp , food now clever and nimble have also been lost , can only choose that hiding quietly is really to `give one's enemy a wife and lose one's soldiers as well in one side! 'I narrate all right, right away to here today , welcome everybody continuing next time listen in ". This two lobster has brought about boundless delight for me , I have been fond of them very much

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